Whether your requirement is end-to-end project delivery, specialist guidance or long-term contract, we have the resource for you.

We pride ourselves in placing the right person in the right role - each resource will have the specific skills required to excel in the role and will have the back up of a number of an experienced network.



We have many years experience in Oracle Hyperion products - our experience means we understand the details and methods that are key to learning, and practically using, the Oracle Hyperion product suite.

We can provide tailored courses delivered on or off site, one-to-one training in both end user and admin roles.



There are a number of ways to design an application, build a database, write a business rule, if any of these are not optimised they can impact performance and devalue the return on investment.  Even as time passes, technology improves and you may find your solution needs refreshing.

We have vast experience in the optimising of the underlying Oracle Hyperion Essbase database and will perform an intial review free of charge.